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It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” - I have heard this phrase in my spirit for a couple of years now (it began around 2012), and the Lord has been revealing to me exactly what He meant by it ever since. Within the last few months, I have heard this phrase much more frequently, and I felt now was the time to release what the Lord has been saying about the time in which we are in. This phrase comes from the infamous book “A Tale of Two Cities” by Charles Dickens. The opening lines of the novel are quite telling about the story to come: "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness…it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair." I sense the Lord has been saying that this describes the time we are in right now in history. It is a time when we will see many great things, but also many hard things. We will see much light and hope on one hand, but also much darkness and despair on the other. One thing that has concerned me quite a lot, is that I have seen so many in the body of Christ who are focusing their attention on only one side of the coin, without even glancing at the other. I see some who only seem to focus on the darkness and evil that is becoming more prevalent every day. These people tend to feel as if there is nothing good happening in the body of Christ, as if all are apostates and all have been deceived. They do not think there is hope for the future, especially here in America, and we’re basically just “biding our time” until we’re out of here! On the other hand, I see others who only want to focus on the good things that they feel the Lord is releasing in the body of Christ, and the coming revivals and awakening. When you lean too much in either direction, you become off-balance, and not stable. I feel that both are in error to a degree. It’s not one or the other, it’s both! I have heard many discount the warnings about the recent blood moon “Tetrad”, the Shemitah, and other “signs of the times” that are pointing to perilous times ahead. Many are saying “See, nothing happened…it was all just a bunch of hog-wash to sell books!” These people tend to discount anything bad or negative that is prophesied, and they only want to talk about the amazing things that the Lord is doing in their meetings, their church, or the revival that is at hand. They typically say that anyone who tries to warn of impending danger or “signs of the times” is fear-mongering, and is not seeing things “in the Spirit” enough.

Let me be clear, I have never at any point, felt or said that the “Rapture” would take place on the last blood moon (Sept. 28), or at any other specific time. Nor have I heard any credible person in the body of Christ say anything like that. What I have heard them say is that they think all of these things are the Lord’s way of pointing out that things are coming that we need to be prepared for. Also, let’s remember that the “Shemitah” cycle that was so heralded at the end of September can actually be considered a season, and although many things have happened on the actual date in the past, sometimes it happens within that quarter or 6 month period of time. I see many Christians (especially in our Spirit-filled circles) that are so focused on the upcoming outpouring/revival/awakening, that they are not paying attention to any of the signs that the Lord is showing us to prepare. They are also not listening to very wise people on exactly how to prepare. Just as with Joseph in the scripture, the Lord does not show us these things so that we will get into fear and despair, but so we will prepare for the season that is coming. (Gen. 41) I do believe, along with many other prophetic voices, that there is a major economic shaking coming to this country that will affect many, many people. I also believe that we will see many natural disasters (see my earlier post about El Nino) in 2016, in addition to what we have already seen during the holiday season. Many earthquakes, here in America and around the world, will be seen in unprecedented numbers in this coming year. Sadly, I also believe we will see more terrorist attacks within America this year. Am I saying I have heard directly from the Lord on all of these things? Some yes, I have seen or heard from the Lord…others no I haven’t, but I simply have a sense that they are coming. Could I be wrong? Yes, I could…we all know in part, and we prophesy in part. (1 Corinth.13:9) On the other hand, I have seen and heard many in the body of Christ who believe that we are in a downward spiral, and that things will only get worse until the Lord comes. They believe that the best days of the Church are behind her, and that we are simply biding our time until the Lord’s return. They do not believe in, nor are they contending for, an awakening or any type of revival for the church, for the nation, or the world. Many times, these are the ones who are very negative in their opinions of most everyone and everything in the body, and they crucify anyone who disagrees with them. These people also tend to criticize any prophetic words that others are hearing regarding the coming revival, outpouring, or awakening. Many times, they have become so cynical that they cannot even recognize what the Lord is saying unless it is judgement. Of course, as with anything, there are many who are in the “grey areas” of both of these stances, and I do realize that. So, where do I stand on all of this? Well, I try to stand in the middle of the road. It is difficult, but I do try. You see, I am in a very interesting place…since I flow in the prophetic, I do see the negative things that surround me, and I feel the Lord’s displeasure with where we are in general in the church, and in the world. He is not shocked, but many times, He is displeased, and more than that, He is grieved. I can’t tell you the number of times when I have been in services where everyone else is jumping, shouting, and dancing, and I am grieving over what I feel and sense in the spirit. I will even say this…there are some times when I actually feel the Spirit’s grieving, which in turn causes mine. That might sound strange, but there it is. I will say this…there is absolutely nothing like feeling the grieving of the Holy Spirit, and I know why Paul pleads with us in Ephesians 4 – “do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God”! Believe me when I tell you, I do understand where we are right now and how much the Spirit is longing for true repentance and change within His church, and in the nations of the world…how much He is longing to be able to do what He wants to do, without man’s boundaries and suppositions! I also see the darkness in the world, in ways that many may never understand. I know what evil looks like and what it can do, and I hear the cries of the wounded, the broken, the discarded, and the dying! Yet, in all of that, I know that the Lord has not given up on His church. He has been working with her, to perfect her, for thousands of years, and He is not about to give up on her now. I believe that we are truly at the precipice of the greatest time that the Body of Christ has ever known! The sleeping giant, called the Church, is arising from her slumber! The Remnant is suiting up and training for their day of battle, armed with revelation in the knowledge of Him, and a heart that is ready to serve their King, they will do great exploits for the One they love. I believe, and have seen, that there will be a 3rd and final, Great Awakening, that will shake this land, and the entire world, as it has never been shaken before. In the midst of deep darkness that will cover the earth, the Lord will arise over His people, and His Glory will be seen upon them…many in the world will be drawn to that light, and even Kings will be drawn to the brightness that arises over them! (“The darkness shall cover the earth, and deep darkness the people; But the Lord will arise over you, and His Glory will be seen upon you. The Gentiles shall come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your rising.” Isa.60:2-3)

These are the days that are coming, and I would even say, that we are in the beginning of them now. I have even experience times in the last year, with others and alone, where His Glory began to be manifested in such a way that I could hardly contain myself. It was truly joy unspeakable and full of Glory! You see, it is the best of times, and the worst of times, all at the same time! It will be the worst of times for the world, and even for some of those who are lukewarm in the church, but for those who are seeking after Him, for those who are praying and contending for His Glory to be released as never before, it will be the most amazing time in history to be alive! The people of the Lord will need to listen to His every instruction, and follow the leading of the Spirit as never before…but if they do, He will guide them in the safe path, and lead them into the destiny that they were created for. There will be some hard times for God’s people as well, but He will provide for their every need, even if He has to send ravens to feed them, or angels to deliver them. We will see times when food will be multiplied, and water will not run dry. There will be miracles, signs & wonders on an amazing scale, and His people will do exploits for their God in a way that has not been seen since the Book of Acts. The Army of the Lord, assisted by His angelic host, will rise up against Satan’s army with a precision and fierceness that has never been seen. They will be given strategies from the Lord on how to defeat the enemy and his army, and they will push back the forces of evil in a way that has not been seen in over 2000 years! People of God, the Spirit has been speaking this into my spirit for over a year ~ NOW is the time, WE are the people!! We must be equipped, trained, and prepared for what is ahead, and we must stay in balance regarding the time in which we are in. The enemy will use all of his cunning and craft against us, but we must be able to say, as much as possible, as Jesus did…Satan is coming, but he has nothing in me! We need to make sure we have dealt with any strongholds that the enemy might have in our lives, and cast them off. Yes, hard times are coming, but the Lord will be our rear guard and our strong tower. He will be our all in all!


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