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It is not God's will for you to be in sickness! There are many who do not believe that statement is true, for many different reasons. Mostly, it is believed that God is trying to teach us something through our sickness. I would perhaps believe that to be true, except there is no instance in scripture where someone came to Jesus to be healed, and He said to them "No, you need to remain are learning something through your sickness", or "No, I will NOT heal you because your sickness is for your good." Never once did He turn a person away who came to Him for healing. Never did He say "Just endure this will be healed in Heaven one day". Everyone that came to Jesus was healed. Everyone. So, has God changed? Is He not the same, yesterday, today, and forever? Hebrews 13:8 declares that He is. Jesus said that He did only what He saw the Father doing. He was the will of action! Jesus healed all, because that was the Father's will. If it was His will then, it is His will now! I do believe that sickness can be a learning experience, as can most other experiences in life...good or bad. However, God does not put sickness on us to teach us a lesson, any more than a parent would put sickness on their child to teach them a lesson. God is simply in the business of taking what Satan means for evil, and using it for our good. God wants you to receive your healing more than you do! He paid a great price for your healing, as well as your salvation. Isaiah 53:5 says " His wounds we are healed." As you draw closer to Him, believing that He wants to heal you, you will then be able to receive your healing. If you have been praying for your healing, and have not yet received it, continue to stand in faith that it will manifest in due time. All things are possible…Only Believe!

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