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...Word to the #worshipers: never let your "beautiful" voice and #talent steal the glory of your song. Your voice and talent were both given to you by the #Creator so that you could point and direct glory back to God...not yourself. So many times I see talented people “perform” in the presence of the King and impress ONLY the people. When talent and ability is exalted above #God, the #singer becomes the object of praise..not the King. We were not created to be worshiped. We cannot handle it even though the flesh LOVES it! The flesh is at enmity with God and competes for the worship. We see this demonstrated in the fall of Satan ...he stole the worship for himself. Let’s not get caught up in the vessel singing, but rather remained focused on the Lord of host and give Him ALL the#praise and #glory for He is highly exalted and worthy to be praised!!

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