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It is appointed unto man, once to die. However, we can die before our appointed time. If we do foolish things in life, we tempt God and give place to the enemy to take us out. Death is not always 'God's will' as so many people declare! I get frustrated when God's people act stupid and make foolish choices, and then die, and then people say: 'Well it was just their time to go...God took them on home'. Foolishness! Death is too often just a result of ignorance! The Bible is clear in Psalms 91 that long life is God's will for ALL who dwell in the secret place.


When we eat unhealthy, or abuse our bodies (the temple), do dangerous things for the sake of 'fun', or just neglect to make wise decisions, we are being foolish! This allows for an early death. We will stand before God for the way we steward His temple! If we die early, we will be judged for all that we failed to accomplish on earth as life is a priceless opportunity and treasure! Let's do all that we can to prolong our days! There is much work to do! Don't be stupid or selfish and die before your time!!!


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