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There is a huge difference in worship and praise. We are to follow the example and blueprint given to us in the Old Testament of how to enter into His Presence. We turn to the tabernacle: We pass through the gates (of thanksgiving) and into the courts (praise) and then enter into the Holy of Holies (worship). In this progression, you must observe the pattern that God establishes for us to access His Glory. It isn't just about jamming out, falling out and feeling like we "got in". It is a very simple concept, but not many care to truly enter into His presence. The outer courts of the tabernacle could accommodate crowds of people and this is where thanks and praise goes on...a corporate effort. This can be loud, quiet, or whatever. But you will notice the Holy of Holies was for only one and God. This is one on one communion. This place will bring you into such a Holy presence that all you can do is worship the King. I have NEVER found loud soulish noise in this place...not in the Holy of Holies. We must consider the most important element of all and that is that the Holy Spirit is very sensitive, and has a gentle nature...speaks very softly and has feelings. When we gather in His name, I feel that we should observe what he wants and get out of His way. It is His service...not ours. I sometime think that we like to try to influence His taste in music and worship because that is what WE like. Sad but true. Let's be sure that we have a close relationship with Him, so that we can clearly hear and know HE wants to be worshiped.

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