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The watchmen of this hour are being called upon to awaken, become equipped, and mobilize in response to a host of major issues that are rapidly becoming a threat to our bodies, families, churches, regions, states, and countries. These issues require serious conversations, strategies, planning, mobilizations, and tactical implementations by the ones God has elected in this hour. It is imperative that we identify, discuss, and solve these issues according to the leading of the Holy Spirit. By doing so, we can avert or diminish many threats or damaging events before they occur. However, this will require a mindset shift from the norm.

The purpose of the Watchmen Alliance is to facilitate a league of leaders who feel called to be a part of the defense system of the Kingdom against the attacks of the enemy. Gross darkness is waging war against the Light of God, but there are many rising from obscurity with a divine mantel and specialized anointing for such a time as this! We intend to educate, equip, and empower the Watchmen so that they can rise to the occasion and fulfill their calling.

Many watchmen do not understand how they orient within the Kingdom structure or grid of such a movement. That is why the Watchmen Alliance is here to help! We are committed to providing guidance and support to those who feel called to be a part of this movement. Together, we can rise up and defend the Kingdom against the attacks of the enemy.


We recently held a Summit of Watchmen near the beautiful Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee to to discuss 3 things:

What is a Watchmen

(Purposes Identified)

What are The Boundaries Of Watchmen

(Spheres Identified)

The Watchmen's Response

(Protocols Identified)

The outline to the 2023 Summit regarding these three topics can be read or downloaded by clicking the Adobe link below. There was a lot of questions and answers, prayer, ministry and fellowship at this amazing gathering, and we plan to host other events similar in nature for the proposes of collaboration.


Watchmen Summit

The Summit is a gathering to develop relationships and connect with other Watchmen. Training and Equipping will also be a part of the Summit events.



Watchmen Company

This group is an organized taskforce of specialized members that focus on strategic assignments and partnerships with Gatekeepers and Leaders



Watchmen Alliance

To effectively network beyond the walls of church or organization, a national co-op of Watchmen need to connect and mobilize. The solution is a hub/database. 


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