Freedom For Life is a Biblical pathway to discovering and knowing freedom through Jesus Christ. We have personally encountered life-changing freedom thorough this teaching and have seen immediate transformation in the lives of many who have an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying to His Church. Through this curriculum, you will discover how to remove many roadblocks that prevent believers from fully receiving all of the benefits that were bought and paid for through Christs’ shed blood. Here are the topics covered in Freedom For Life:

  • Who Is Our Enemy?

  • Why Are They Our Enemy?

  • What Is Satan's Strategy?

  • What Is God's Strategy?

  • The Two Access Points

  • The Five Doors

  • Closing The Doors

  • Soul Ties

  • The Strongmen

  • Binding The Strongman

  • Renouncing Freemasonry

The one-time enrollment fee financially supports Kingdom Life Ministries and enables us to build out this "room" in our house of ministry. Our desire is to continue one-on-one deliverance counseling, but also increase our bandwidth to reach more people who desire to be free. Your enrollment fee lends financial support that helps us with do that with resources such as the work book, this online hub, webinars, Zoom meetings, weekend workshops and much more.

When our schedule prohibits us from hosting live Freedom For Life webinar, we grant access to a complete set of pre-recorded sessions for a reduced enrollment fee so that people are not waiting for long periods of time for this life-changing teaching. 

Your enrollment will allow you to explore over 16 hours of teaching, revelation, prayers, declarations, and Biblical principles that will open your eyes to a new world of lasting freedom! There are (7) sessions that you be be able to watch, a workbook with more than 70 pages of scripture, illustrations, diagrams, charts and detailed decrees, renouncement exercises, and detailed instructions on a clear and Biblical pathway to freedom.


  • You will need to download and print your workbook. There are several written exercises that are critical to this process and you will struggle to successfully complete the program without it. (NOTE: OnCe you download it, you should be able to find it in your "Download" folder on your computer. For more details on how to find you download folder click here for Mac, and click here for Windows)

  • Complete the enrollment form. Once you complete the form below, select the CLICK TO ENROLL NOW button and you will be re-directed to a secure checkout page. (NOTE: You do not have to have a PayPal account to pay.)

  • Example Illustration. Here is what you will see upon checkout:



  • Log in to the Freedom For Life web page. Once you have completed the enrollment process, an email will be sent to the email you provided in the form below. That email will contain your access link and password that allows you to access the Seven Sessions.



Your access does not expire. 


Freedom For Life Enrollment Form

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